Why is Being Vegan Such a Good Idea?

Now, I'm sure that you've heard a million times that you should be vegan, period.

But has anyone actually explained to you the benefits of living a vegan lifestyle?

Many people are vegan for ethical reasons, health or even just as a result of disliking meat for example. I bet you're seeing health in there and thinking "what??!! how is that even possible? Vegans surely can't get protein and all the nutrients that they need!". But this is just a common misconception. It is very easy to get everything you need as long as you do it right. There's no good in complaining that you're not getting all your nutrients if you only eat vegan junk food am I right? The one thing that vegans can't get simply from food is vitamin B12. That is because no vegan food naturally contains B12. Mad isn't it? Thankfully, vitamin b12 supplements do exist and many foods are actually fortified with b12. It is important to make sure that you get your b12 as a deficiency can cause anaemia and even nervous system damage. So whether you're vegan or not, get your B12, please!

With that much longer intro than expected all complete, let's get into the main benefits of being vegan.

1. Reaping in the health benefits...unless you're addicted to chilli heatwave Doritos like myself

Being vegan can be amazing for your health, when you make sure that you're doing it right. Believe it or not, just because someone is vegan doesn't mean that they are healthy. So many of us fall into the same trap as many others: convenience food. Vegan 'fast food' is becoming a worldwide phenomenon that just won't slow down. I wish I wasn't so gripped by consumerism and vegan fast food, but when a sexy vegan burger is staring me in the eyes I just can't resist! I'm weak ok but that's not the point of this. It has been proven that vegans are less likely to develop heart related problems as a result of diet and can even, in some cases, help to reverse the effects of cancer! Still, it is important to remind yourself that just because you're vegan (or might turn vegan) you're not immune from illness. If it happens, it happens; there's not much that we can do about it unfortunately. Despite this, a vegan diet will definitely help you be a little less prone to several foodborne illnesses for example.

2. Making new animal friends

I'm sure this sounds corny af to some people, but being vegan saves A LOT of animals. Many people think that their individual contribution won't make a difference, but this couldn't be more incorrect. On average, every vegan saves around 200 animals per year! That is an amazing figure when you think that as of 2016 (years ago I know but it's the best available research) there were an estimated 540,000 vegans in the UK! What's better is that this number is constantly increasing, meaning that more and more animals are being saved. Now, I'm not going to delve into why animals need to be saved and what happens to them, I'll leave that up to you guys to find out, but it is important to ask yourself why you want to contribute to what actually goes on in slaughterhouses and dairy farms for example. There is no other way to help prevent suffering and help animals than to be vegan; it is the easiest and most rewarding way!

3. Becoming fitter than a mouse on a running wheel

On average, vegans are typically 20lbs lighter than those that eat meat. Being vegan cuts out cholesterol and saturated animal fats that can make you sick and fatigued. I'm not saying that vegans are never tired or that we are all extremely healthy because that simply isn't the case. I mean I'm gaining weight and constantly tired but I have myself to blame for that. As long as I'm happy though right? 

4. There's no Planet B

Let's face it, you hear this saying a lot. It's plastered on t-shirts, all over social media...but if you see it everywhere, you need to question that it might actually be of relevance. It isn't uncommon knowledge that our planet is rapidly dying, but why do we all seem ok with that? Yes, it may not happen in our lifetime, but who are we to ruin the planet of our grandchildren and the future generations? You don't often hear this, but I know that there are other things to focus on when it comes to helping to save our planet. Being vegan is a massive help though. Meat isn't in the slightest environmentally friendly. There is a lot of waste from meat production and the amount of pollution caused by producing meat is insanely high. It is one of the biggest contributors to climate change. That in itself is scary, our emissions from transport and factories aren't the first things that come to our heads when we think of pollution. Instead it is meat production...something that doesn't even have to happen for society to function! Adopting a vegan lifestyle or even simply a vegan diet is a massive stand in the fight against pollution and climate change.

So, with all this in mind, I really hope that you are interested in adopting a vegan lifestyle. Besides from all this, the vegan community itself is incredible. There are so many vegan markets and events that enable you to meet other people who carry the same beliefs as you, and trust me there isn't a better feeling. 

If you are interested in becoming vegan or finding out more, feel free to check out the rest of my website or my social media pages, or send me an email or a message if you would like some more personal assistance. I'd be more than happy to help.